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Authentic Italian Cuisine

Curbside Pick-up or Walk-in for Take Out Orders
Reservation is Recommended for Dine-in


Mamma G’s is our favorite place to eat in the Rochester area. Every trip to RIT to visit my son included lunch or dinner at Mamma G’s. We celebrated his graduation there. And now we make trips from Buffalo a few times a year just to eat there. Fantastic, fresh, homemade food. Worth the hour long drive!
Shanna Capelli
Went the first time Thursday night, best meal I have had, so authentic, my gram would just love Mamma G's!
Debby Sanchez
Just found this resturant truley a Italian experience ! The Gnocchi were best I've ever had, Calamari awesome! Debby
Deborah Sanchez
My husband brought me to Mamma G's for my birthday. It was really delicious! The service was great! The portions were huge! The homemade pasta was perfect and the sauces amazing! We had the Arancini for an appetizer, it was very VERY good. We will be back for sure!
Kecia Jerome
OMG, found this place during 2020 COVID and can not stop ordering the food here. There Chicken French is amazing and their homemade pasta is the best. I love that it is a completed meal and tastes is out of this world. Thank you for everything!
Katy Fox
I did a pan of Chicken French and pan of Rigatoni for a small group on October 3rd. The food was FANTASTIC. The French sauce and red sauce were second to none. All the guests agreed. A very fair price and ready when requested. You can't go wrong.
Being 'locked in' was made so much more enjoyable with Mamma G's TAKE OUT. The food is delicious and they really make it easy to stop in and pick up a delicious meal. The RAVIOLI is perfect for my vegetarian preferences, and my husband started off with AFFETTATO ITALIANO, but he loves the LINGUINE ALLE VONGOLE in oil and garlic that he ate it all. My daughter swears the RIGATONI ALLA CARBONARA is the best. Wonderful flavors, great presentation, generous portions, with salad or soup and crusty fresh bread sliced as I waited for my order. It was a feast! Now they have opened back up, so Mamma G's will be our first dinner out.
From our first experience when they first opened to most recently, you feel welcomed - like family. Wonderful variety, fresh ingredients, dishes served piping hot and oh so tasty. We've tried nearly everything on the menu and enjoyed them all. Generous portions so there's always some to take home and enjoy later. My resistance to highly recommend Mamma G's is the fear they'll become so crowded that we won't be able to get a reservation!
David Palermo
There are some very good Italian restaurants in Rochester, but Mamma G’s is above and beyond all the others. Authentic, fresh Italian food, incredible service, huge portions of some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted, and priced affordably! We are always (somehow) surprised by yet another magnificent evening! Highly, highly recommend!
Last night I had one of the best food experiences I have had in Rochester. I have never been a fan of Italian food but listened to a friend's recommendation and took a guest to Mamma G's for dinner. I had a reservation and we were promptly seated. Crystal was a server and was exceptional. She was warm, caring, friendly, and so helpful. It was like we were being fed in someone's home. I sat so I could see the wait staff and kitchen. OMG, they were all working so hard and were all so pleasant and efficient. The food came and I took one bite of my Rigatoni Alla Carbonara. I have never had a bite of food that was so amazing and perfect in one bite. It was without a doubt the best I have ever had. I love Carbonara but this was in a class all of its own. The prices are excellent for the size, quantity, and quality of food. This is a perfect 10 out of 10. I cannot recommend Mamma G's more. I am a permanent customer and loyal patron of this phenomenal restaurant.
Kennan Beckstrand